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Carolyn L. Guidry

Jefferson County Judge

Proven & Dedicated Leader for All Citizens
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Meet Carolyn

Carolyn LeBlanc Guidry is a lifelong resident of Beaumont, Texas-Jefferson County.

She graduated from Hebert High School and attended Durham Business School. During a 30-year career with Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, Carolyn served as Vice President of the Communications Workers of America, Labor Local 6139.

This set Carolyn on her path to becoming a dedicated public servant. In 2004, Carolyn was sworn in as Jefferson County Clerk. She was the first person with a labor background elected to this position.

For 16 years, the citizens of Jefferson County elected Carolyn to be their county clerk. 

Carolyn is a person of faith, and she says she keeps God first in her life.  She loves spending time with her two children Larry and Adrienne. Carolyn especially loves being with her grandson Ethan. Her many friends describe her as dedicated, loyal, and compassionate.

Carolyn LeBlanc Guidry— “I am ready, willing, and qualified to serve all people of Jefferson County!”

Carolyn's Stance on the Issues

I will lead efforts to make the emergency management department more efficient.  I believe it is important to make sure Jefferson County citizens are safely evacuated and returned home following a disaster whether natural or man-made.

I will make sure the focus is placed on growth and development in Jefferson County. This includes creating more economic development opportunities, infrastructure improvements, and more costal protection. I will streamline the budget without cutting services while keeping taxes low to the best of my ability with the commitment from county commissioners.

I will improve the process for organizational development to ensure all Jefferson County Departments are working cohesively—” tear down silos”.

I will preside in all court proceedings in a timely manner. Probate and family matters will be a high priority in my court.

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Proven & Dedicated Leader for All Citizens

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Welcome to the Carolyn Guidry for Jefferson County Judge Team!

We cannot win without you. It is going to take an army of volunteers to make phone calls, send text messages, and knock on the doors of hundreds of voters. 

Thanks for your support!

Carolyn L. Guidry

Jefferson County Judge

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Carolyn L. Guidry, Jefferson County Judge—Gwen Spikes Treasurer.